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As salamu alikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatuh. :)

Surah Zumar Ayats 54-55 (via asifeq)

(Source: ummsufyaaan, via asifeq)

And turn in repentance and in obedience with true faith to your Lord and submit to Him before the torment comes upon you, and you will not be helped, and follow the best of that which is sent down to you from your Lord…

Surah Zumar Ayah 53 (via asifeq)

(Source: ummsufyaaan, via asifeq)

O my slaves who have transgressed against themselves! Do not despair of the Mercy of Allāh. Indeed, Allāh Forgives all sins. Truly, He is Forgiving, Merciful.

Surah Yusuf Ayah 87 (via asifeq)

(Source: ummsufyaaan, via asifeq)

Certainly no one despairs of Allāh’s Mercy except the people who disbelieve.

Surah Talaaq Ayah 3  (via asifeq)

(Source: ummsufyaaan, via asifeq)

And whosoever puts his trust in Allāh, He will suffice him.

Surah Kahf Ayah 16 (via asifeq)

(Source: ummsufyaaan, via asifeq)

……and your Lord will open a way for you from His Mercy and will make for your affair easy for you.


How many more reminders do we need to understand that this worldly life is only temporary?

(via niqabiimuslimah)

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