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As salamu alikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatuh. :)

The Prophet ﷺ

Reported by Abu Hurairah
(Radi-Allāhu ‘anhu)

[Muslim - Riyad us Saliheen, Chapter 185, 1028]

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When a Muslim, or a believer, washes his face (in the course of Wudu’), every sin which he committed with his eyes, will be washed away from his face with water, or with the last drop of water; when he washes his hands, every sin which is committed by his hands will be effaced from his hands with the water, or with the last drop of water; and when he washes his feet, every sin his feet committed will be washed away with the water, or with the last drop of water; until he finally emerges cleansed of all his sins.

Al-Hasan Al-Basri (via thepathofabeliever)

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The best attribute a believer can have is forgiveness.


Allâh SWT states in the Qur’ân:
"Successful indeed are those believers who offer their salâh with concentration."
{al-Mu’minûn no. 1-2}

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What is haram will always be haram even if the whole world engages in it.
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